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Ireland first-class English curriculum

Alignments coming soon

IXL's first-class skills will be aligned to the Primary School Curriculum Standards soon! Until then, you can view a complete list of first-class objectives below. Be sure to check out the English practice questions in IXL's 169 first-class skills.

Receptiveness to language

  • 1.2 developing strategies

    • 1.2.1 continue to experience the reading process being modelled

    • 1.2.2 engage in shared reading activities

    • 1.2.3 visit the school library and the local library

    • 1.2.4 continue to build a sight vocabulary of common words from books read and from personal experience

    • 1.2.5 engage in activities designed to increase awareness of sounds

      • 1.2.5.a focusing on the sounds associated with letters and letter-clusters, patterns of sounds in word

    • 1.2.6 learn about the sounds associated with the part of a word or syllable that allows it to rhyme with another word or syllable

      • 1.2.6.a d - ock

      • 1.2.6.b t - able

      • 1.2.6.c s - ock

      • 1.2.6.d c - able

      • 1.2.6.e cl - ock

      • 1.2.6.f f - able

    • 1.2.7 learn about the sounds associated with the beginning of a word or syllable

    • 1.2.8 learn to connect the beginnings of words and syllables with their rhyming parts as an auditory and visual exercise

      • 1.2.8.a 'onset and rime': r - at c - at m - at

      • 1.2.8.b different onsets

        • 1.2.8.b.1 single consonants r - at

        • 1.2.8.b.2 consonant blends pl - an

        • 1.2.8.b.3 digraphs ch - at

      • 1.2.8.c different rimes

        • 1.2.8.c.1 vowel digraphs tr - ee

        • 1.2.8.c.2 vowel-consonant

        • 1.2.8.c.3 combinations h - and

    • 1.2.9 learn about common word endings, word families and roots of words

    • 1.2.10 use knowledge of letter-sound relationships (grapho/phonic cues), grammar and syntax (syntactic cues) and surrounding text (contextual cues) when attempting to identify unfamiliar words

    • 1.2.11 self-correct reading errors when what he/she reads does not make sense

    • 1.2.12 develop reading skills through engaging with reading material appropriate to his/her stage of development

    • 1.2.13 adapt his/her reading style for different purposes

      • 1.2.13.a browsing, simple scanning and skimming.