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How do I include fractions, exponents and special characters in my answer?

Our symbol pad provides an easy way to answer questions with special notation, such as fractions and exponents, and special characters. It is offered only in skills where the answer may require it. When the symbol pad is available, you will see blue boxes, such as , , or even a number row. Click on the blue box to add the symbol to your answer. For example, clicking on will insert a degree symbol.

When your answer includes a fraction, you can always use the forward slash (/) between two numbers to represent a fraction. If there’s a available, you can also click on it to enter a fraction. Click on the top square, and enter the numerator. Next, click on the bottom square or use the tab key to place the cursor in the bottom square. Then, enter the denominator. For example, if your answer is ½, click on the top square, and enter a 1. Then, use your mouse to click on the bottom square or use the tab key, and enter 2 in the bottom square.

For answers with exponents, use the to enter an exponent in your answer. First, type the base of your answer. Then, click on , and enter the exponent in small box that appears. For example, if your answer is x2, you would type x, click the button, and enter 2, the exponent, in the small box. You can also type the variable and select the exponent value from the row of blue symbol pad numbers, if present.