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Can I organise my students into classes and view IXL Analytics for individual classes?

Yes! You have the option to organise your students by classes on your roster. If you do not currently use the class feature and would like to do so, click Start using classes in the right corner of your roster. Enter the names of your classes (for example, 1st Period, Algebra 1, Block 1), and click Submit to accept or Cancel to ignore your changes. (Don’t see Start using classes? Check to see if there’s already a Class column on the left side of your roster. If you'd like to add a new class or manage your existing classes, click on a Class entry in your roster, and from the drop-down, select Add a class or Manage classes!)   

Once you have created classes, there will be a Class column to the left of the Last name column on your roster. For each student, click the class field to select a class from the list of classes you have created. If you do not want to assign a class to that student, select None.

To add a class, click the Add a class link, found after your class list in the Class drop-down menu. Then, enter the name of the class, and click Submit to save.

To edit or remove classes, click the Manage classes link at the bottom of the Class drop-down menu.

On the Manage classes screen, click on the name of the class to edit it. To remove a class from your roster, click the red X. Any students assigned to that class will stay on your roster, but will no longer be assigned to a class. Click Done when you are finished with your changes.

All reports give you the option to filter by active roster classes. You can set your desired options in the blue bar to see IXL Analytics for an individual class or all your students at once.