Engaging educational games

ABCya is the leader in educational games for children. Since 2004, ABCya has created more than 400 educational computer games and apps for students in junior infants to 6th class. In addition to a focus on maths and English, ABCya also covers topics such as science and holiday trivia and provides fun activities to help children improve typing skills and even create animations. To date, ABCya has reached more than 120 million learners who have played more than 1.5 billion games. The brainchild of a public school teacher, ABCya was founded to make learning fun and help children feel inspired when they learn something new.

Building curious learners

My kids ask to play ABCya every day after school. The games are educational AND fun! With so many games to choose from, I know they will have a great time learning and that they are safe.

Ilene, parent, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Endless learning adventures

I can feel confident that the games are educational but fun too. Most of the time my boys don't feel like they are doing work. We love the variety from reading, numbers, and then just for fun games.

Julie, parent, Alabama, U.S.A.